Invokana® (Canagliflozin) Patient Resources

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Invokana® (Canagliflozin) Patient Resources

Resources for Your Patients

An image of a healthcare professional checking patients foot suffering from diabetes

Looking after your feet when you have diabetes

Diabetes can gradually damage the nerves and blood vessels supplying feet, often without a person noticing. This guide aims to help your patients look after their feet when they have diabetes.

Content was generated independently by TREND-UK. Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited collaborated with GlucoRx for the funding of the printing and distribution.

A diabetic patient taking medicines

What to do when you are ill

Everyone has days when they are not well. If your patients have diabetes, being unwell can affect their blood glucose control so it is important they know how to manage this. This guide aims to help your patients manage their diabetes when they are ill.

The content of this leaflet was generated independently by TREND-UK. Printing and distribution was funded by Napp. Napp has reviewed the content for factual accuracy only.

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You and Your Medicine

For your patients who have been prescribed Invokana for the treatment of insufficiently controlled type 2 diabetes. This guide will help your patients understand their treatment and give them the important information they should know.



Reporting adverse events

Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at

Adverse events should also be reported to Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited on 01223 424444 or